Pusha T Kills The Stage

In my humble opinion, Pusha T  should be on everybody’s top five list.  Everyone knows King Push’s beginnings as half of The Clipse with his brother Malice but, very few would have guessed that he would become a huge solo artist, a music executive, and entrepreneur.  He has come a long since the Hell Hath Fury Days in 2006. Some have doubted whether Pusha could stand on his own after his brother Malice decided to change paths and then doubted again after he what signed with Kanye‘s G.O.O.D. MUSIC imprint.

Many say he is underrated  but, after seeing him at the Darkest Before Dawn tour’s D.C. stop, I was reminded why he is one of the greatest rappers to ever do it.

The 930 Club doors opened at 6:30pm for the sold-out show. As Pusha’s camera crew lurked through the venue, people became to file in to catch Tiara Thomas as the opening act. Before performing her version of Uber Everywhere, Tiara reminded the crowd that her powerful voice was originally featured on Wale‘s BadBiaPharrell‘s new artist and a contender for this XXL’s 2016 Freshman list, touched the stage to pay respect to Bankroll Fresh. The Perico Princess ran through some of her releases such as Whip It and Free Gucci.

G Herbo and Lil Bibby were next to touch the stage. As we were reminded by the DJ, Herbo and Bibby rarely perform together so we knew we were in for a long, hype set. We were quickly reminded of how many fan favorites these guys have as they performed I’m Rolling , Kill Sh*TAt Night , Ain’t Heard About You,  Awww Man, and more. It was quite a pleasure hearing and seeing them on stage together.

I soon noticed that I could no longer see the back wall of The 930 Club, aside that fact that I’m only 5 feet tall, I knew the venue was packed out. At around 11pm, the Darkest Before Dawn Intro rang out and the entire venue exploded as King Push emerged on the stage.

It was not until I stood on the balcony that I realized the true greatness of Pusha T. As I stood therewatching from above, I realized King Push is much bigger than Virginia. He is now a superstar with two successful solo albums, countless memorable songs, and a career filled with timeless music. As he ran through almost all of his catalog including  Hell Hath No FuryMy Name Is My NameCruel Summer, and of course Darkest Before Dawn I watched a crowd of both men and women from different races recite every lyric as if they were reading from Rap Genius. It was truly awe inspiring.

As he says in Crutches, Crosses, Caskets “I speak to your soul and that’s above money” which is exactly what  Pusha T does.