Recently, Harlem renaissance woman Crystal Caines was featured on BET’s “Beauty & The Beats” YouTube series, which showcases rising women who are music producers and engineers.

After watching the video I thought to myself, “I REALLY want to hear Qu’ality on a track with Crystal Caines. That vibe would be crazy.”

Then this drops out of nowhere.

New York’s Qu’ality has been quietly running the NYC underground circuit for a minute, dropping the fire 22 project last year. He’s looking to take over for the rest of the year, and this new joint is definitely a contender.

Qu’ality learned that a lot more of you liked his music than he actually thought. To celebrate something he should already know, he drops “Cards,” featuring Crystal Caines. That infectious Qu’burr Gooding sound is the perfect backdrop for Qu’ality and Caines to go off on.

For Qu’ality, something is happening April 12, according to his Instagram. Nothing else is known from the two as far as 2018 releases go, but if any of it sounds like this, we’re here for ALL of it.

CC and Qu’ality sonically isn’t fair. See how below.


As a bonus, here’s Crystal Caines in BET’s “Beauty & The Beats.”