Nawf Atlanta is on one side of Atlanta that doesn’t get much respect. It’s like a lost land that doesn’t get claimed. Took years for the Nawfside Atlanta movement to become solid and respected. Not saying that work hasn’t been put into that. Before the group Migos it’s been plenty of other rappers to make a name for their self coming out of Nawf Atlanta. Nawf Atlanta is considered Gwinnett County mainly. With saying that, Quavo stepping up to the plate to be the head huncho is next level. Pretty much making the music industry respect the Nawfside of town.

Quavo plays a special part in the group Migos. He sets the tone for a lot of records. This project shows what Quavo is all about. A lot of people online, are saying the start of the project is slow. I can’t agree with them. The the intro “Biggest Alley Oop” really should open your ears to what the project is all about. On “Pass Out” 21 Savage drops one of his best verses ever. “Huncho Dreams” is a twisted record. I can’t tell if Quavo is dissing Nicki or showing love to Nicki. Feels like a love hate relationship between those two. The Drake assisted record “Flip The Switch” feels just like that. The beat it self well wake you up. And whoever Buddha on the beat is. He’s all over this Quavo album. Understand this is a 19 song project. Quavo already had songs out streaming well like “Working Me’, “Lamb Talk”, and “Bubble Gum”.

Quavo didn’t leave off his brothers from the group. Takeoff features on “Keep That Shit” and “Fuck Shit” features Offset. Both records feel like songs left off a Migos album. Each Migos member is super talented. Quavo’s record “Big Bro” has the internet in a storm. Everyone is saying he’s dissing Lil Peep. Some feel he’s speaking in general. The youth just doesn’t want to hear the truth. Quavo is killing this trend in the game. The record “Lost” featuring Kid Cudi came out pretty amazing. Feels like music from a soundtrack. Quavo showcases how well of a songwriter he is on this project. I would give the project a 7.5/10.. I feel it’s some records I wouldn’t care to hear again on this project. But he’s catering to a mainstream audience on this one. Check out the project below for yourself.