Lifetime recently aired the docuseries, “Surviving R.Kelly”, as we all may know, R.Kelly did not approve of this. Sources say that he has not watched the film but he is truly unhappy about the content. He has threatened to sue the creators and everyone who is involved.

In “Surviving R.Kelly” many women and families shared their stories about their relationships with him. In detail, they discussed the sexual, mental and physical abuse they endured over the years. In 2003, R. Kelly was arrested on child pornography charges after a video was released of a man having sexual intercourse with a teenage girl and then urinating on her. Sparkle, R&B singer who stated the girl in the video was her niece explained how this caused her to lose all communication with her family for over a decade. Her brother-in-law took the stand during the trial to say that it was not his daughter on the camera. To this day she does not know if they were ever paid off by Kelly to say so.

R.Kelly claimed it was his brother in the clip and he was found not guilty off all charges in 2008. On the show, R.Kelly’s brother, Carey, openly stated it was not him in the video. In a later segment, viewers learn more details about his relationship with singer, Aaliyah. She was married to him at 15 but shortly after it was annulled. His ex-wife, Andrea who is the mother of their three children, opened up about her relationship also. She explained how their marriage was a surprise to her and how controlling and abusive he was. Throughout the series, some mothers discussed how they are still fighting to get their daughters back home to this very day.

Many celebrities such as John Legend and Neyo have been responding to the #MuteRKelly hashtag and publicly stated their opinions. On the other hand, some artists like Jay-z, Lady Gaga, Erykah Badu, Dave Chapelle and Celine Dion were all asked to appear but declined.

R.Kelly denies all allegations and is supposedly pursuing a lawsuit with the Lifetime channel.

Written by: Ayo Sash