It’s about time white racists started being held accountable for their actions; especially when innocent little black kids are the targets.  In recent news out of Douglasville, Georgia, a couple was sentenced to up to 20 years in prison for a hate crime inflicted upon a mob of black folks celebrating at an 8-year-old’s birthday party.

A few weeks following the Dylan Roof shooting out of Charleston, South Carolina back in 2015 where a white supremacist type -Roof killed nine African-Americans at a historic black church; a crew of confederate gang members of the “Respect the Flag” group drove around the city of Douglasville, just outside of Atlanta terrorizing the neighborhood, boasting their confederate flags and shot guns into black faces, even threatening to ‘kill y’all n-g–s’ as stated by one of the birthday party goers.

While all 15 members of the group were charged with violations of Georgia’s Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act and Terroristic Threatsthe story of this couple Kayla Norton and Jose Torres, who allegedly decided to join in on the fun that day will serve as prime examples of what can happen when you go around trying to inflict devilish hate and unwarranted threats upon a crowd of docile black folks.

These stories of white hate crimes against black people have long been heard of before, however, the persecution of such acts is few and far between.  It was a crying Norton who has 3 children of her own with Torres that caught my attention.  Begging and pleading with the court as she claimed her actions on that July 2015 day was totally unlike her and Torres to ever engage in, and that she wishes she would have rejected the opportunity to create havoc outside of the 8-year-old’s birthday festivities.

Arrests were made immediately following the incident, but these charges just in yesterday of Torres receiving 20 years, with 13 to serve in prison, and Norton being given 15 years, with six to serve came in just yesterday.  Not to mention, being banished from the city of Douglasville, Ga upon their release.

While the state of Georgia does not have a hate crime law- interesting, the two were charged with violating Georgia’s street gang act, one count of making terroristic threats, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.  Both Norton and Torres were exceedingly remorseful shedding a pool of tears upon the retrieval of their verdict, that only those with real love and compassion enveloped in and around them would care to entertain.  Justice being served for once, the mother of the little boy showed sympathy and even expressed forgiveness to the two brutes.

The question following their verdict was, why are black people always so forgiving after a hate crime is inflicted upon us by whites.  Are we so hard up to be liked by the white man, we will forgive him or her even after they rip our lives apart, or at least attempt to?  In a time when the Queen in our country (United States of America) is actually considered to be a black Beyonce, and the King a black Hov.  And with so many Black Jesus’ around, selling out concerts to more than just a black crowd, how is that we are still being staked out against?

Forget about black-on-black crime for the moment, as that conversation we will have to save for another day, even forgetting about police crime on black lives, but these random mofo’s who think that they have the right to drive their pick-up trucks around the town, antagonizing people just trying to live their lives in the skin that they were born in, to no choice of their own.  Black people can’t even drive around in certain neighborhoods with dark tints.  Making you think, what is your real problem with my black skin?

It’s a funny thing.  To be hated just because you’re black.  But it’s got to be more than that.

What do you suppose it is?