Radio stations around the world are deciding to remove Michael Jackson’s music from their airwaves after alleged abuse speculations arise from the new Leaving Neverland documentary.  

Ever since the release of the dazzling two-part HBO documentary, many people have condemned Jackson’s actions and have taken steps to further tarnish the King of Pop’s legacy.  

Others are deciding to side with the late singer and denounce the accuser’s stories of abuse.  

Whether or not the allegations transpired is still being investigated. However, the damage has already been done as radio stations have begun pulling Jackson’s music.  

“We prefer to observe the situation by removing the songs from our stations for the time being”, said a rep. of CKOI, Rythem and The Beat in a released statement 

Spotify and Apple Music, two of the largest streaming services in the market, have refused to comment on the case at this time.  

History has shown that at times such as this, it’s ideal to maintain a sense of neutrality before “jumping the gun” as it relates to being for or against accusations. 

Within the last few months, the number of sexual misconduct allegations in music have risen to a startling amount, and what’s worst is that the source of abuse is stemming from people of influence that have made a significant impact in the lives of many.  

As the details surrounding the case continue to be revealed, one thing is certain: In a country where you’re “innocent until proven guilty”, the court of opinion has the final verdict.  

Stay tuned for more details.