The next single to be heard off of Miami rapper ToBy’s newest project ToBySeason Vol. 1 premieres today. While “90’s Babies” (released last month) came as the first single from the project and as a comedic commentary of millenial behavior, “Do It” acts as an anthem of traditional rap and hip-hop narratives. The single’s lyrics and fast-paced composition is reflective of a siren in an EDM track. After one listen to this song, it’s almost intuitive – ToBy wants us to take notice; he wants us to get up and chase after whatever it is we want. As Nike has coined, just “Do It.”

ToBy on Upcoming Mixtape:

“Making ‘ToBySeason Vol. I was such a unique experience for me because it was the first time I got to work with a producer as dedicated and tied to the project as Aleks. I had made music with my band and released stuff independently but that all felt more of a solo endeavor. This process saw me as head of all aspects of the creative process and really taught me what it meant to make a good compilation. It was the perfect time to do it too, having moved to LA indefinitely meant that I could really explore what and who ‘ToBy’ is. I think I did that with the versatility I achieved on this. The singing was stuff I’d always wanted to take further and the more commercial elements were fun tracks I always wanted to make. So all in all, if I were to wrap up the project into one word I’d call it ‘eager’. My hunger to get better at what I do every day is what gets me out of bed in the morning and ‘ToBySeason Vol. I’ is a concrete example of that.”

Listen to “Do It” Below.