New Jersey native, CJ Young released his new single, “Voicemail”. You can listen to this heat here! We briefly interviewed him about the inspiration behind this song. Read all about it below!

1. What inspired you to title the song “Voicemail”?
The title Voicemail came to mind because it implies a lack of connection and/or bad timing; which is the case in most relationships and was in mine at the time.

2. What was your creative process like in recording this song?
The lyrics of the song came naturally during the creative process due to the circumstances I was in. There was a learning curve in my personal life and I wasn’t content but I definitely wasn’t upset either.

3. Describe how you would want people to feel after listening to “Voicemail”.
When people hear this song I want them to feel mellow and relaxed. There is an underlying theme of frustration or discontent but I’d like to think this song will bring different emotions to different people.

4. “Voicemail in your phone I left at 3am. I just wanted you to know I’m up, so just say when. Who knows where this can go baby, we can take it slow baby, I want you to know I’m thinking bout you”. Explain how you were feeling when you wrote these lyrics.
When I wrote this song I was in a good place mentally. I was calm and enjoying the situation I was in. However I knew it wouldn’t last, hence the lack of connection, and so the some of my emotions was bittersweet.

5. In the first verse, you expressed how you put your guard down and become straightforward to shot your shoot. Do you think this is the best approach to pursue a woman? If so, why?

I do believe the best way to approach a woman is to be straightforward and to represent who you are. If you fake it and act like you’re someone you’re not, you’ll either get caught up in your own lies or you’ll be constantly reminding yourself to do and say certain things to uphold that false character you’re portraying. If you wanna be someone else, go to acting school.