Michael Wayne Brawley Jr, also known as M-Bizz was born September 11th, 1991 in the small town of Bedford, VA. At a very early age he was known for his ability to recite classic hip hop songs word for word. In 2009, he began creating his own music with a group called The Cornerboyzzzz which consisted of three other artists. One year later, the group disbanded following the arrest of one of the members. M-Bizz then started rhyming on every classic beat he could find. Quickly making a name for himself as a solo artist, he established the brand T.I.H.B which stands for Team iHandleBizzNess. Be on the lookout for A Trail of Trials coming later this year!!!!

What Does Hip Hop Mean To You/ Who Inspires You?
Hip hop is everything is to me! Music has gotten me through some of my toughest times. I grew up inspired by greats like Notorious B.I.G, Nas, and Jay Z! But these newer lyricist like J.Cole, Kendrick, and Dave East really push me a lot also!

Who Do You Want To Work With/ Which Artist Do You Relate To?
I would love to do a track with East! I think that would be an insane track!! I relate to Big K.R.I.T because of his humbleness, That’s something I respect a lot about him.

How Does It Feel Coming Back Into The Industry After Sometime Away?
It feels like the right time! My last project Separating the Artist from the Rappers dropped back in 2015 on all platforms! It has been so much growth and progression since then. It’s no better time to share that progression with the world!

What Separates You From Everyone Else?
My flow! My flow is definitely different compared to anyone else! I sound like me, I’ve never tried to duplicate anyone else.

Define The VA Sound?
It’s crazy because VA doesn’t really have a signature sound! We are directly in the middle of north and south so it’s more of a mix for real. You hear a little bit of Trap music, Drill music, and Lyrical music coming out of the DMV area!

What Does A Trail Of Trials Mean?
A Trail of Trials is just me sharing my journey! All of the ups and downs I encountered along the way! I’ve been through a lot in my lifetime, I just want y’all to walk with me on my Trail of Trials!

What Can We Expect From The New Project?
You can expect to shed a tear or two, Smile a bit, Laugh, and reminisce! It’s a little bit for everybody on this project! This is also the exclusive release of the cover art too!!

Who Do You Want To Win The SuperBowl?
Hahahahaha I love the Green Bay Packers, Die hard fan! When we aren’t in the playoffs I don’t care who wins!

Where Can We Find Your Social Medias & Music?
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Written By: Charles