Rapfest’s Ebony J caught up with Mike G of the legendary Odd Future. As we all know, Mike g is nothing shy of amazing and in a recent interview with Rapfest, he talks everything from his start in the industry to new music. The interview kicks off with touch on his childhood and what it was like growing up with Marine parents.

As the two sit on the rooftop, Mike G and Ebony J talk about how he “cleared the fog” with his self produced 10-track introduction project “Chasin’ Clouds.” The title of the self produced EP was inspired by his producer name. The project is  a taste of what to expect on his debut album and an reintroduction of himself as an artist, giving the fans an inside scoop of who Mike G is.

“I want to enlighten others through creating timeless music…” says Mike.

The self taught musician discusses wrapping up the finishing touches for his long-awaited upcoming debut album, “Stealth Fighter.” The two even chop it up about Mike G’s new business endeavors with the Cannabis industry, his venture with Zumies, the Odd Future brand, and more.

Watch the interview below to find out what else the two caught up on!

Written by: MinneeTellsItAll