Two weeks ago we kicked off our Soundcloud Heaters series, if you’re unfamiliar with series, it consists of the staff and I picking some of our favorite joints on Soundcloud that we think deserves your undivided attention.

On the first installment, we focused on rap acts, but there is more on Soundcloud then just rap. There is R&B, pop acts and more and they all deserve to have a light shined on their music, and just because an artist may not have a large following that doesn’t equate to bad music, it just means they haven’t been discovered yet. Today we are back with our second installment and this time we will be focusing on R&B, a lane that I believe is wide open right now, especially with all this alternative R&B it leaves the traditional R&B lane ripe for the taking.

Take a listen to our second installment of our SoundCloud Heaters series below and let us know who you think should be included in the next installment.

Also, never forget you never know who is listening so always put your best foot forward and you never know you might be on the next Soundcloud Heaters playlist.