LOE is a rising songstress hailing from Houston, Texas who has been quietly making a name for herself. In February she released her first body of work titled ‘Monarch.’ The album showcased LOE’s unique sound and songwriting ability, some of the songs got attention from Apple Music and made it on a few playlists shortly after the ‘Monarch’ was released.Since dropping ‘Monarch’ LOE hasn’t released any new music, but today she breaks her silence with the release of her new single “Love” produced by Air Kalo. The song is smooth and seductive and has that signature sound that she is known and love for.

LOE had this to say about the song:

“It’s about a relationship that glitters but isn’t gold. Being manipulated enough to think you’re in the ideal relationship when you’re really being betrayed behind closed doors. It’s abstract because it’s about the emotional rollercoaster that comes with embarking on new relationships. The uncertainty of emotions. No clear lines of emotion. Just abstract. Completely entrusting someone with your heart, without knowing who they truly are.”

Check out it out below and look out for music from the Houston songstress.