FloKid takes us on a trip down memory lane in his new video “Regal”.

Everyone remembers how they felt when they got their first car whether it was a brand new vehicle or an old hoopty. There was no better feeling than going wherever you wanted without having to rely on anyone for transportation. In the video to his latest song, “Regal”, Miami rapper FloKid captures the energy of that newfound freedom perfectly.

Set in North Miami Beach, FloKid’s hometown, we’re taken back to 2010 when Flo was gifted a 90’s model Buick Regal by his older brother. It clearly wasn’t the fanciest whip, but his pride in his car is made clear. The lyrics ride smoothly over the booming production with the infectious hook proclaiming, “I copped the Regal, I ain’t wanna do the coupe!”

Scenes of FloKid driving past his old high school and turning up with friends outside of neighborhood spots only add to the nostalgic feeling of being young and carefree. One of the video’s standout moments comes from a hilarious appearance by comedian Fat and Funny who interrupts the celebration to roast Flo, his squad, and the beat-up whip, only to ask for a ride in the very car he just clowned. After flexing throughout the song, we’re reminded of what FloKid’s Buick Regal truly symbolizes when he raps, “And to be real I ain’t pay for the whip, my brother gave it to me now I’m thankful as sh*t”. Even though the car doesn’t look like much, it’s a connection to his brother who was tragically killed in 2014. The arrogance he exhibits about his Regal is really gratitude for his brother. “Regal” is definitely a fun, energetic vibe to kick off the year, while creatively paying homage to two of FloKid’s biggest inspirations: his big brother and his city.

FloKid has been building quite the name for himself with being featured in XXL magazine as one of the top rappers to look out for from Miami and receiving co-signs from rappers like Zoey Dollaz. “Regal” is the first single off his project, “Lil Jo-Z: A VP Story”, which chronicles everything from losing a basketball scholarship and deciding to pursue music to his brother’s death. FloKid has a story to tell and we want to hear it.

Watch FloKid’s new video “Regal” below! Also, stream his latest project “Lil Jo-Z: A VP Story” and follow FloKid on IG!