“Love Pains” from trap crooner KDTHESINGER not only marks a successful debut but a new begging for the bright generation Z star. The 10 track LP exemplifies the the versatility KD has in curating quality music. With the premise of showcasing the issues of generation and connecting them to other generations through he mind of KD, ‘Love Pains’ shatters expectations.

Known for his breakout single ‘Letter To Her,’ and with his significant presence on social media with millions of followers across all platforms and more than three million subscribers on YouTube; KD has been on the radar for fans of music and industry executives for a little over a year.

With this latest project, the arrival of the Carolina singer is official. Being told from his narrative, KD does a great job connection all generations, not only his, to him. A couple of highlights on the album are ‘Mvp,’ ‘Long Live’ Ft. No Cap,and ‘Same Page.’

‘Mvp’ re accounts KD’s early struggles attaining revenue and it’s a joyous celebration of his recent success. ‘Long Live’ beautifully illustrates a tale in which KD and No Cap express the pain of losing their loved ones. It’s my personal favorite off the album. The ‘Same Page’ KD refers to on the track is between him and his woman staying connected.

Highlights on the album for me are his great songwriting, unique trap vocals, and originality. The term “Trap Crooner,” catches me off guard in a good way. He takes that wow factor and gives the LP life. any generation, not only Z, can listen to KD and see themselves in KD.

Overall, ‘Love Pains,’ is a well curated debut. My only gripe, if I was being critical, is that while the track list was diverse in content; a switch up in sound might be needed. However, the Carolina Trap Crooner, in my opinion, is up for the challenge. Accompanying his album, are great sales with being #2 on Amazon Music, #4 for R&B music charts (Only independent artist), and it’d top five on all major platforms.

Keep your eyes and ears out for KD the singer, he’s coming full force in the R&B genre. ‘Love Pains’is just the start.

Final Verdict: Love Pains 8.75/10

  • Impact: A newer artist form Generation Z who makes music any generation can vibe to get’s a A in my book for impact.
  • Cohesion: It’s well put together. However, a little more diversity in overall sound keeps this album from being perfect.
  • Delivery: The strength of the album. Brilliantly curated messages delivered in a unique way of “trap signing.”
  • Originality: He’s a “Trap Crooner,” he scores greatly in the impact department for me!
  • Artistry: Not the strongest point off the project, but not bad at all.


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