The NFL Is Feeling The Pressure And Is Trying Save Face. Colin Kaepernick Is Winning Off The Field.

If you’ve been paying attention to the NFL lately (whether you’ve been watching or not) then, you’ll notice 3 surprising things: The Eagles are one of if not the best team in the league, the Giants are trash and, Colin Kaepernick is getting all these accolades despite being blackballed. GQ named him Citizen of the Year and just yesterday he received the Muhammad Ali Legacy Award from Sports Illustrated. So, despite the fact that the NFL has basically shunned him as a league, he is still making a big impact on the league and most importantly the country on a whole. Right now, the NFL seems to be catching up because they just announced that they will be donating $89 million to social justice causes over the next 7 years. However, we need to put this in perspective.

The NFL is fake woke. Here’s why.

  • The $89 million is nothing for the NFL to be donating over the course of arguably 1 year because this is a very rich league with billionaire owners. The league makes billions of dollars every year. So, they’re barely giving money to these causes.
  • What causes are they giving money to? They did not specify that they will be donating money to organizations fighting racial injustices but instead social justice. To add on to that, only a few people will have control over where this money goes. So, what is this money really going to do to fix the issues that Colin Kaepernick knelt for in the first place?

This money is only certain to curb the protests and not the actual issues the protests were creating awareness for. The NFL did this for optics. This is very common for the NFL when they face adversity. However, this is indicative of something positive. They are feeling the pressure and as a result, they can no longer ignore the issues and deflect the attention to the kneeling. It will definitely lower the amount of protesting in the NFL but, not all the way because we are already seeing players on differing sides when it comes to this new plan.

It was reported that the networks that carry the NFL games are going to lose about $500 million due to the ratings drop. The NFL is going through a period of turmoil unlike any they have seen in recent times and it all goes back to Colin Kaepernick. Colin Kaepernick’s legacy is already making an impact on the NFL. Now, if he can only get his job back…

Paul Robinson