Daniel Hernandez better known as Tekashi 69, pled guilty to nine counts of racketeering. These charges are a result of his position in a violent drug trafficking gang. On January 23rd, at the federal courthouse in New York City, Tekashi 69 confessed to being a member of the Nine Trey Blood Gang and assisted them in armed robberies. In one case, he stated “I helped members of Nine Trey attempt to kill a rival gang member. I did this to maintain or increase my own standing in Nine Trey”. He then apologized saying, “ to anyone who was hurt, to my family, friends and fans for what I have done and who I let down”. Although he can serve up to of 47 years in prison, his sentence is set to be reduced because of his cooperation but it has not been disclosed how much time he will actually serve. The prosecutor stated that 69’s cooperation would probably expose the criminal activities of  the other members and ultimately he may need witness protection. Judge Paul A. Engelmayer requested the transcript and all records of 69’s guilty plea, that is temporarily sealed after the prosecutor presented many pending arrests and safety interest for the rapper and his family. Even though cooperating will help reduced his sentencing, sadly it tarnishes his rap career because many are now labeling him as a “snitch”.  In October 2018, Tekashi 69 was placed on probation for four years after pleading guilty to the 2015 charges of recording and sharing a sexually explicit video of a 13- year- old girl. Later that day after he accepted the plea deal, he had a meeting with the head of his record label, where a fight broke out and his bodyguard fired gunshots. Last July, the rapper told police how he was robbed and kid napped in Brooklyn, New York. With the list of events and recurring police engagement many said they saw this coming. His next court hearing is set for February 27th.

Written by: @ayo_sash