Rockland County, NY Emcee Ashoka just dropped single “Now I Know” featuring Nashville rapper Tim Gent.

Coming out of an impressive 2016 with the release of his Hard to Gain, Easy to Lose EP, Ashoka is apt at keeping his momentum throughout 2017.  Under distribution powerhouse EMPIRE, proving time and time again that his skill level is way beyond average, when asked about the project this is what Ashoka had to say:

“This song was more of a message, a statement if you will. To all my followers, believers, non believers. This message being “Now I Know” and I’m more sure than ever, hence the last line of the song “we used to be scared, but now shits hard to doubt, now I know”. I wanted these to be the first words the world heard from me in 2017.  This message and attitude is a representation of the space that I am in coming into 2017, and it’s only up from here.”
With the track produced by RASCAL out of Germany, the combination between Ashoka and Tim Gent is catchy and real.  Everything we do is for the bigger picture.


Listen to “Now I Know” below.

The Temple University alum began honing his talent for creating contextual narratives during his senior year of college. Inspired by the opportunity to finally share his story, Ashoka has been releasing music consistently for just over a year, gaining plays and support with each subsequent release.

Also, check out his video for “Work”.

We can certainly understand the concept of having work to do.  Too busy to do anything but this work, you heard.


Photo by Libby Thomas (@elizagracet)