Taking pictures with Celine Dion and all.

All I hear is Platinum this and Platinum that. Well, let’s talk diamonds — and I’m not talking about jewelry; I’m talking about plaques.

In today’s overly saturated market of hip-hop, not too many artists can say that they earned a Diamond plaque (Equal to 10 million sales or more).  All hail to the newest member of this exclusive club, Brooklyn’s very own Desiigner.

He was rewarded the plaque at SXSW for his smash hit singles “Panda” and “Timmy Turner.” It’s not clear cut as to whether or not it’s harder to achieve these prestigious RIAA certifications in the age of streaming, but hate him or love him, he’s making those hits and I think it’s time hip-hop heads give him his props.

Yes, the late-great Biggie Smalls “Life After Death” sold over 10 million copies, but he wasn’t alive to see this. Jay-Z and Kanye West were too, able to accomplish this with their hit single “Nig— In Paris,” but neither has been able to do it solo. Other artists in the Diamond single club include hitmakers like Justin Beiber with “Baby,” Eminem and his Rihanna assisted “Love The Way You Lie,” Mark Ronson’s mega hit with Bruno Mars, “Uptown Funk” and Lady Gaga’s 2009 single “Bad Romance,” but they ain’t from Brooklyn – which is technically the moral of today’s story.

With that being said, can you name any other New York emcee that has reached this level of success on a single? I’ll wait…

When was the last time any artist from any genre did this without an album out? Once again, I’ll wait… Yeah, people say he sounds like Future, but even the Atlanta representative himself can’t boast these massive streaming numbers for a single.

With no signs of stopping, Desiigner has dropped two new bangers, sure to break the charts as well. If you haven’t heard “Outlet” produced by Vinylz & Sounds By CT, the stadium anthem-feeling, uptempo track includes a memorable bar “Get It Back To The Tri-State,” – and that he did.  He will be also kicking off his Outlet tour this spring/summer season.

The second song, entitled “Holy Ghost” is a track filled with flows, tales of his codeine usage, and even a shout out to the OVO boss’ last album, “More Life.” I can’t front; this is one song you can clearly hear him flow and understand 99% of the lyrics. For all my Hip-Hop heads, the kid got bars.  True or nah?

The 19-year old from Bedstuy, Brooklyn is making major headway left and right with another set of honors, receiving five (5) new Billboard nominations just this week.

It is safe to say, with multiple hit singles already, not including “Panda” and “Timmy Turner,” he can no longer be considered a one hit wonder. I’m pretty sure we can look forward to hearing his GOOD Music family (Kanye West, Pusha T, Teyana Taylor, Big Sean) on the album and as I’m also sure a collaboration with Future wouldn’t shock the world either, while also being, a final set-the-record-straight for all you haters. However, with the album having been announced almost a year ago and seven songs most likely on the track list, all we can do is wait to hear what the “Life Of Desiigner” really sounds like. The project currently does not have a release date but we are expecting good things.

Check out Desiigner’s tour dates here for his Outlet tour, which kicked off a few days ago on April 9th going through the rest of the month, May, June and July.  Visiting all major US cities, a show in Toronto and ending if off in Gräfenhainichen, Germany.  Now how many one-hit wonders can do that?  Not many, I suppose.

Brooklyn, stand up.  Hip-Hop, stand up.  ‘Cause it definitely was all a dream; a dream that came to fruition.

“Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers Don’t”
 I Just State Facts