Niko Brim is the next storyteller in the new generation of Hip-Hop.

Representing Mount Vernon, New York – Niko embodies uptown soul while pushing the New York sound forward. Having a background in poetry and instruments, the CYN Dynasty member brings his sound full circle in a genre he calls “Soul-Rap”, candid flows of truth over honest hip-hop instrumentals.

Owning his own distinct style, and not the one garnered from his totally snazzy, legendary stylist mother, Misa Hylton, Niko’s latest release, “A Thousand Pictures: Book Two” is a 15-track story, taking you through the South Side of Mount Vernon – the follow up to Book One which dropped this time last year.

It is here where we get a more in-depth look into the artist as he paints portraits of his city and his life. He maintains an emotional vulnerability that connects with listeners as he opens up about the struggles of duality, love, and the ever changing surrounding environments he finds himself in.

Take it in and listen to “A Thousand Pictures: Book Two” below.

And, stay tuned for more new music, videos, shows, and all that, with Niko and the rest of his CYN crew this Spring/Summer.

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