Florida rapper and Grand Hustle’s first lady, Tokyo Jetz, recently let fans in on her little secret: she’s expecting! The femcee made the announcement during her set at the Duvale Reunion Festival in Jacksonville, Florida.

Upon further investigation (IG posts) we now know that she will be welcoming a baby boy named Amir. Although Amir is still cooking, Tokyo has also posted that it was essential for her to keep her secret this long because she wanted peace, something we all know is essential to the first trimester of pregnancy.

Aside from being good news, The ‘Bonafide’ rapper’s pregnancy also sheds light on another topic that surrounds women in the rap game, their ability to execute. And this execution is completed under any and all circumstances.


How so?


Tokyo embarked on her tour while pregnant. In fact, she revealed that she has been keeping the news private since December. This means, that through any and all sickness, body changes, and doctors appointments she persevered and went on stage, performing every time she was scheduled to. There were no turnt-up after parties fueled by alcohol to give her a reprieve from tour stress and no lighting up to relax her body from hours of being on her feet in front of thousands. Name me a man that can do that….I’ll wait.

The extra work that female rappers put in is often overlooked or willingly ignored by many in the rap game. Sometimes it is even seen at a hindrance to their careers because of budgeting. Heels, make up, lace front wigs, tight weaves and body shapers would slow down any man topping the charts right now, but for women in the rap game it is not only their image, it is a necessity. Adding pregnancy on top of that is another dynamic.    


Tokyo Jetz has put on for her city and shown that she is already willing to protect the environment of her baby and he is not even here yet. We at the The Rapfest are so excited for your new bundle of joy, and whenever you are ready we will be here for more bars!



Written by: Chay Rodriguez