The future of R&B is Perri Jones as she soothes our souls with her fresh new single “Free”. 

Story by: Chrissy Dru

Coming from a family of musicians, her father being iconic R&B singer Oran “Juice” Jones, it’s clear that music is in Perri Jones DNA. The Houston native grew up surrounded by music and spent a lot of her time in her room crafting her skills, which include songwriting. Since moving to New York City two years ago, she’s been able to take her career to new heights. Her latest song “Free” is a smooth vibe with soft, but dynamic vocals. 

“I’m free, I’m human but I’m comfortable with me”

“Free” is an empowering declaration of self-discovery, while still being incredibly vulnerable. Even at her young age, Perri makes it known that she’s unwilling to compromise who she is for anyone or anything. This song is a powerful statement as she prepares for the next step in her life and career . “I’m focusing on living out my dreams, I feel my family and love surrounding me, there’s nothing in this world I’d rather be, than me, I’m free”. It’s a like an affirmation and definitely the kind of song you’d want to start your day with.

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