After years of waiting, members of ThuggerHive and FutureHive finally got a joint project from their two favorite Atlanta rap superstars a few Thursday’s back, in the form of the aptly-named mixtape Super Slimey. The tape’s arrives just a couple months after we were blessed with “Relationship”, arguably the standout track of Thug’s critically acclaimed Beautiful Thugger Girls tape.

“Relationship” is undoubtedly a smash record, with both Future and Thug’s flows complementing each other in ways which left fans of both more than satisfied. And so it was very much expected for the Internet go crazy over the release of Super Smiley as it spawned the hottest of takes, one of which even questioned whether it was better than Watch The Throne (??). Another collaborative project Super Slimey was compared to was Future and Drake’s What A Time to Be Alive, which had everybody rushing to tune into Episode 6 of OVO Sound Radio after rumors of a joint tape between the two were confirmed.

Like Super Slimey, WATTBA seemed to arrive with perfect timing, as it saw Future coming off his highly-anticipated Dirty Sprite 2 album, which culminated the mixtape run he had went on of Monster, Beast Mode, and 56 NightsAdditionally, Drake had been coming off looking like the undisputed victor of his highly-publicized beef with Meek Mill; and so with Drake looking as powerful as ever and Future looking like rap’s fastest rising superstar, WATTBA couldn’t have come at a better time.

While WATTBA was arguably one of the biggest moments in rap in the past five years, the tape itself really didn’t live up to all the hype. Yeah you have standout records like “Jumpman” and “Big Rings”, as well as Drake’s epic outro on “Diamonds Dancing”, but the rest of the tape just isn’t all that memorable. Neither Drake nor Future truly gave their best efforts on the project, and their chemistry together was…raw, to say the least.

According to Drake himself, WATTBA was recorded in a span of just six days at Atlanta’s Tree Sound Studios, and so the apparent lack of chemistry and attention to detail present in the project was definitely understandable to that end. In fact, had they simply packaged and advertised WATTBA as simply a “collection” of tracks similar to how PARTYNEXTDOOR did with his recent Seven Days project, WATTBA really wouldn’t come off as much of a disappointment as it did.

While WATTBA didn’t end up being one of Future’s best efforts, fans still hoped to someday see him work on material with Young Thug. While the two had been on songs together in the past like Mike WiLL’s “California Rari”, DJ Esco’s “Who”, and Metro Boomin’s “Chanel Vintage”, it’s unknown whether any of these were actual in-studio collaborations or whether each of them had just recorded their verses and sent them off.

While Thug had previewed a new song with Future back in September (which ended up being “All The Smoke”), the announcement of Super Slimey sent shockwaves all through social media (not necessarily at the same magnitude as WATTBA cause you know, that one involved that Drake dude), with fans rejoicing that their long-awaited collab tape would finally arrive.

Super Slimey couldn’t have opened up with a better track, as “No Cap” sees the best of Super Future and King Slime Young Thug. However, the same can’t be said for the rest of the tape; at times Super Slimey sounds just as rushed as WATTBA did, as there’s just a lack of cohesiveness and chemistry between Thug and Future at this point, something that the fans really didn’t see coming.

Out of all of Super Slimey‘s tracks which featured both rappers the only ones that truly saw both Future and Thugger giving peak performances close to how they sounded on “Relationship” were “No Cap”, “Patek Water”, and “Drip on Me”. As for the other records in which Future and Thug both had verses, a majority of them just ended up sounding like a Thug record with a Future verse tacked on….or vice versa. And the fact that arguably the best record on the entire project is a solo Thugger cut that could have easily been kept for Beautiful Thugger Girls doesn’t help (“Killed Before” is still an absolute masterpiece regardless).

The fact that Super Slimey feels rushed and doesn’t see Future and Young Thug at their peaks is disappointing to say the least, as they’ve been seen in studio working on material together since last September. The Drake and Future album being sub-par was understandable, as nobody ever really saw it coming when it did. But a Young Thug x Future album? The same one that ThuggerHive and FutureHive have been waiting years for? There’s no reason for it to be nothing but pure flames, as Future and Young Thug seemed to be born to make music together. But maybe we just spoke too soon.

With Future being one of the hardest working rappers out there, it would come to no surprise to see his involvement in another collaborative project. But who’s really left for Future to collab with? Travis Scott (“3500″/”High Fashion”)? Pusha T (“Pain”/”Move That Dope”)? Or he could just dead all the collaborative project talk altogether and only put out solo projects, as he arguably had two of the best albums of the year in FUTURE and Hndrxx. Both albums of saw Future devoting more time and attention to detail into cultivating quality full-length projects, and so if he continues to do that while also having a few memorable features here and there then there’ll be nothing to complain about.

With rumors of more material coming from Future and Young Thug together, if the imminent Instagram/Snapchat snippets aren’t Hndrxx/Beautiful Thugger Girls-esque, I won’t be rushing to hit play on Super Slimey 2.

Listen to Super Slimey below, via iTunes.