Remy Ma is ready to get back to rap and those things that mean most to her – family.

Ending her rap beef, first instigated by Nicki Minaj, the Bronx rapper is moving past this whole debacle.  Basing her “ShEther” diss on the behind-the-scene occurrences of Nicki coming for her, Remy sat down with the Querulist to bring an end to her part in it, saying, “I was never waiting for a response.”  She revealed that her intent was to shut her down, not giving an opponent another chance to hurt her feelings back, while in an argument.

I actually liked her, I still don’t have a problem with her, but don’t try to come for me,” Remy said.

She asserted to not care if Nicki plans on coming back with something at all.  Remy added that she appreciates a woman like a Nicki Minaj or any other female artist who is out here doing their thing.  Trying to bring someone down for no reason was never her thing; it’s not something that usually crosses her mind.  “However, in the event that you piss me off and we become arch enemies, run for cover.” And that is all.

While being locked up, Remy shared that things like starting petty beef was the furthest thing from her mind, her thoughts entailed dreaming about being in the studio, being with her husband and family, amongst other things – not this drama ish.

Watch her sit down below.