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Remy Ma continues to use her vibrant personality to boost her status as culture commentator beyond her already solidified spot in rap culture. As a co-host on Revolt’s newest round-table  talk show State Of The Culture, Remy Ma joined by Joe Budden, Scottie Beam and Brandon “Jinx” Jenkins discuss recent news in urban pop culture, entertainment and relevant trending stories.

Episode six of State of the Culture highlighted Lil Xan, a young non-black rapper who recently went viral saying the n-word during an argument captured on camera. The hosts go back and forth, discussing how Lil Xan using the racial slur may not be the end of the world yet it is not a term to be used by non-black people. Tides turn when Remy Ma shares how she does not get offended no matter who uses the word.

“When it comes to the word […] I don’t usually get offended regardless of what your nationality is if I don’t feel like you’re using it as a racial slur”

According to Remy Ma non-black people can use the n-word as long as the intention is not to cause harm citing that she hears it so frequently from non-black people. Remy Ma continues to express how her preference is not to be called racial slurs by anyone.

The comments were met with visual disdain and combative dialogue from co-hosts Scottie Beam and Jinx. (Conversation begins at about 29 minute mark)