Written & Reviewed by: Livengoodlivin

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Dreamville’s highly anticipated project “Revenge Of the Dreamers III” has been teased for quite some time by J.Cole and the rest of the label’s cast of immaculate musical talent. From pictures of fellow industry giants in the studio working with them on music, release date teasers, Ari Lennox’s critically acclaimed debut of “Shea Butter Baby,”  and built up anticipation of the last two quality Revenge Of The Dreamers Projects; ROTD 3 had insurmountable expectations to live up to! For the most part the project did! 

It’s a collection of recorded cipher sessions, the purest staple of hip-hop music. ROTD 3 showcases this with the group of rappers trading verses and ideas, playing their verses and concepts off one another and competing to impress and surprise their participating peers. Working as inspiration for Dreamville’s latest creation, this staple is forever present among ROTD 3’s impressive track list. Drawing energy from their massive guest-list and a simple mandate, the stars of Dreamville crafted a project that delivers vibes of pure hip hop bliss.

 Get a sense of the energy and creative genius the album brings by watching the documentary below. 

From singers delivering ballads like Baby Rose on “Self Love,” Buddy, Smino and Guapdad 4000 spitting bars like mad men throughout the entire project, or upcoming talents such as Mereba, Saba, Yung Baby Tate, Lute West, Maxo Kream, and Omen capitalizing on their opportunity to shine. These moments often outweigh the element of surprise that came from industry veterans such as T.I.’s contributions to “Ladies, Ladies, Ladies” or Vince Staples’ prideful verse alongside J.I.D & Cole on “Rembrandt…Run It Back.” 

J.I.D in particular, is in beast mode as being similar to Marshawn Lynch barreling over tackers, he destroys tracks such as “Down Bad” and “Costa Rica” on legendary levels. He along with Buddy embody the spirit of a demented Pinky & The Brain on the intro to “Wells Fargo;” which is one of my favorite moments of the album. Constructed around short runtimes that prevent boredom from occurring when listening, there are moments on top-heavy efforts such as “Down Bad,” “Costa Rica,” and “Got Me” that excite the listener for more potential musical masterpieces curated by these musical geniuses in the future. Earthgang, also shines brightly on the project. 

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The Dreamer’s Blend Of Innovation And Classic 


ROTD 3 blends in innovation and the classic appeal of hip hop perfectly. Communal feel, moments such as Cozz and Reason’s “Guilty Conscious” style scheming to pay homage to their  respective label bosses on “LamboTruck” add depth to an already deep project. The fun these high-level artists are having in one another’s company really is the main seller of the project. 


Revenge of the Dreamers III debunks the notion that hip-hop is going apocalyptic drought as far as talent and innovation goes. The creativity, ingenuity, passion, and work ethic of every artist on the project created a masterpiece that captivates millions around the world. A launching pad for future stars and another accolade in the storied career of others, this one, as they say, is for the culture.


Final Verdict 10/10

  • A nice blend of industry veterans and new talent featured
  • Versatile and beautifully composed track list
  • A track of everybody
  • Amazing lyrical ability, songwriting, and flow 
  • The birth of a new star in Lute West 
  • Never repetitive, always replay-able