As a first class productions company, RGF Productions strives to demonstrate professionalism.

We hold our staff, artists, and management to the highest standard of quality and mutual respect. We emphasize honesty in all our business practices.  

As such, we would like to offer our sincerest apologies.  It has come to our attention that a former administrative assistant of ours has violated our policy of honesty and respect. Shawna “Sha” Morgan, performing in a capacity that was in direct violation of both law and best business practices, misrepresented her position to our trusted business relationships.

In an attempt to properly protect our business partners and make amends, we would like to make the following information available:

 Shawna Morgan is not a licensed booking agent.  Here at RGF Productions she was to perform strictly in an administrative capacity as an assistant to the booking team, however she falsely represented herself as the booking agent and charged outside fees for her services.  As a result, she received two fees, one directly from RGF, as well as a fee directly from the clients; an activity known as “double dipping”.  

Ms. Morgan repeatedly undermined the chain of command by withholding information to the decision makers within the firm.  Fraudulently misrepresenting herself as upper management, Ms. Morgan was able to acquire additional business for personal gain.     

Sha’s conduct has had a detrimental effect on RGF Production’s reputation throughout the music industry, which we continue to work diligently to repair. Despite being terminated quietly and professionally, she has on numerous occasions and to numerous business associates, defamed RGF Productions by making hateful and ill willed comments towards RGF Productions and its individual members of management. To date Ms. Morgan, has refused to relinquish possession of RGF Production property including control of the Domain and all email access.  

We at RGF Productions will continue to work moving forward to repair our relationships in the industry while producing great music and fantastic music experiences. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us directly.


RGF Productions Public Relations Department.