There’s plenty of self-assurance to go around in Noochie’s latest ode to the streets and the women he adores in ‘Confidence.’ Featuring Atlanta’s own Rich Homie Quan, both artists discuss the beauty and confidence women have that goes beyond beautification. As beautiful girls swarm from scene to scene, the gentlemen plead their cases in style.

Hosted by the legendary Bigga Rankin, Noochie also released an accompanying 12-track mixtape entitled ‘New Regular.’ With features from Rich Homie Quan and Mishon, the young star has the ability to paint words onto blank canvases effortlessly. He creates with a seasoned approach to – both lyricism and technique – stemming from the notes of Anita Baker and the bold statements produced by OutKast.

Like none other, Noochie is driven by hope, inspired by struggle and an innate leader of change – his way. With momentous production and passion, he’s more than next. He’s here!


“I’m going to be the next one. ‘When he walks into the room, that’s him right there. He got it. Like Neo in The Matrix, un-$#%&-witable!” 

– Noochie, XXL Magazine