Written By: Bryson “Boom” Paul

It’s new Bats City right now in New York thanks to the rising popularity of elite lyricist Ricky Bats.
Both fans and critics are raving over his outstanding new project, Born a True Spitter. Continuing to campaign, Bats hits the streets to show off just how nice he is with the words on the new video for the breakout album-cut, “Let Em Know“.
Directed by WaxHug Films, the Gotham City Boy flexes uncharted lyrical supremacy throughout the visual. The video delivers a gritty black-and-white portrayal of the mean streets of the Bronx. Bats’ School of Hard Knocks that made him into the phenom we witness today. Exciting to watch, Ricky Bats is eager to return the East Coast to the prominence it solidified in the 90s.
“Let Em Know” is the fourth visual presentation by Ricky Bats in the last six-months. The third single off his new album, featuring previous efforts “Ain’t Something for the Radio” and “By My Side“.
Bats new album, Born a True Spitter is available now via Gotham City Music Group.
Watch “Let Em Know” below.
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