Rico Nasty is entertaining. Her sound is trap but with a girl twist. She rides a beat like no problem. Her strong points are hooks. But don’t sleep on her lyrics and how she has word play. Rico Nasty comes from the DMV area but lately she’s been seen in L.A. a lot. Rico Nasty has switched up her appearance lately. She’s been more on a punk rock wave. I’m ready for her to get back to the old Rico Nasty with loud color wigs. On the other hand their are so many female rappers with loud color now days. I hope Rico takes off this year, she has much support.

Her new visual for “Hit That” gives me that Swae Lee feeling far the hook. Rico talks about hitting that one time or so. Hitting the blunt, and her friends hitting broads. Pretty reckless coming from Rico Nasty. One thing for sure her videos are pure entertainment. She shows it’s bigger than music with Rico Nasty. Check out the new visual below. It will grab your attention after the first 10 seconds.