Written by: Brian Lamont

Theolodge came into this music business with a hope to spread positive energy and uplift people with his words. His music has something uplifting in every song. He has a background in education, being an ex Middle and High School teacher, he was able to see how kids needed more positive people to look at in entertainment. He took that information and started created Striving in the hopes that he could fill that void.

Theolodge had the opportunity to take his music overseas. He has toured Europe in a major way these past 3 years. Theolodge has rocked stages in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, the Netherlands, and many more places. He has had a lot of media attention on his tour runs here in the states.

Born: Lake Placid/Bowling Green, FL


What began your interest in music?

“My Dad being a big fan of Jazz Music”


What makes you grind harder?

“One Word “Determination”…In life we all have a purpose!! I chose to prove to myself that I can do anything if I put my mind to it”


What about music do you love?

“It gives you a chance to express what’s inside you and give some people hope. Music is a universal language and gives you an outlet to communicate to different ethnicities”


How do you want to be remembered?

“As a music artist who stayed true to himself. I feel some artist are cared to reveal who they really are and I want to be transparent!”


Your latest album Striving speaks about how devoted you are in your craft and the efforts and energy put into your music. Explain this project in two words. Was it difficult? What you learned compared to other projects?

“Passionate Art” -nothing is never difficult when it comes from the heart. That I belong among the top tier artist. When you can do a lot with limited sources …it shows what you are capable of with great resources.

If someone told you can retire today would you still do music? If not, what else would you do?

“Yes I will still put my time in music and also play more of a mentor role for the youth”


Describe the young you compared to now. What are some lessons learned?

“I’ve learned nothing in life is promised. The young me wanted everything quick , which taught the older me that plant the seed and watch it grow”


Describe your music in 3 words. Yourself in 3 words. 

“Unique, Inspiring & Dissimilar”


How does it feel to have fans who support you? What are some you give back to fans and also to the community?

“It’s a wonderful feeling to know people appreciate and believe in what you are doing. Giving back belief and hope for them to move forward with their dreams and aspirations”


Tell your interests in fashion and how it correlates to your brand. Is it important to have a crisp image at all times as an artist?

“Fashion is definitely a key because what you wear sometimes can speak for you and also influence others to step out. I make sure I be crisp when stepping out to events because in today’s industry people feel they can tell a lot about people through their clothes. I like to separate myself from the normal look and if you look good, you FEEL good…that’s KREW!”


With your songs played on many major platforms and also on hit show “All American”, where can you see your music played next? 

“I can definitely see ESPN,FOX SPORTS, NFL,NBA,MLB , movies, and sitcoms”


What’s upcoming for you?

“Continuing touring and releasing new music”


Who do you look up to?

“The man in the mirror mixed with Jay-z and Diddy”


How important is humility and patience in the industry? How has it helped you?

“It is very important because this industry seems to pop up with different artists all the time and it can make a person want to rush. I always say they were at the right place at the right time and when my time comes it’ll be all WORTH the wait!”