The Mass Appeal MC, Ezri is back to giving his fans the gritty sound they were waiting on. His new music visual “Be Right Back,” displays an “average” day for him that consists of a constant internal struggle; trying to not give into the pressure of violence.

As a 19-year-old from Neal Terrace public housing in Cleveland, Ohio, Ezri is surrounded by violence and drug-dealing. Seeing his oldest brother is in prison and even some of his friends being products of gangbanging and selling drugs, in this video, Ezri gives his audience a visual of his conflicts in hopes that they can understand how his experiences shaped his music.

The video starts off with Ezri getting up and starting off his day going to the grocery store for his momma. However, it turns into a fast pace adventure when he runs into his boys, that get into a conflict with some guys in a black car.  And from words to bullets being exchanged, Ezri ends up re-grouping with his boy’s where a revenge plan is made leading to guns being passed around and a coming to terms on whether he’s going to follow through with his part in the scheme. Ezri and his crew roll out to execute their revenge where Ezri ends up facing conversations between himself, his mentors like Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole, and voicemails from his mom deciding whether to stay on the streets or in school.

After going back and forth in his mind, he hops out of the car and breaks into a sprint to the grocery store to be right back. He is shown buying eggs for back home, ultimately making the right decision to pick his family over the streets.  A message to be heard around the world.

Ezri does not disappoint with his newest visual at all, from the well-captured setting and visual, to the internal battles he faces that are described throughout his lyrics. There is no doubt that Ezri showcases his talent on a different level to bare his pain and struggles that make him the rising star MC he is today.