Written By: Ayo Sash

For almost a decade Rob Moss has been creating a buzz in Detroit, MI. He cultivated his skills by attending the Detroit School of Arts majoring in vocal music. While attending college Rob started to record again and released his first EP, Easy. The project immediately struck a chord with listeners through college campuses across Chicago IL. Soon after releasing more music on Soundcloud, Rob wrote his first mixtape Lover, Loner, Stoner. During this time Rob collaborated with artist Ted Park and Terk Lewis and began to create a buzz within New York City.
In 2015, Rob was awarded NYC’s “Solo Artist of The Year” presented by “Bridging the Music”.  In 2017 Rob released his first Full project “Godly” to critical acclaim.He has been recently promoting his new project, RND, an Ep that reflects maturity and growth. He strives to create high quality content, heartfelt original music, and style. As Rob continues to level up, he  just dropped, “Playing Games” where he explains why he doesn’t play games with others. He quickly explained the motivation and creative process:
 The creative process for RND was all about quality and attention to detail. A lot of long nights in the studio ,re-working songs, adding, deleting, working on things very meticulously to make sure every detail was intentional. A lot of weed involved in making this project as well. For about 6/7 months I didn’t focus on anything else but making music, so it was a lot of focus and precision but still having a good time along the way. The motivation to create timeless music was from being inspired by timeless music. The whole time was writing this projects i had albums like “CrazySexyCool”, ” Reasonable Doubt”, “Supa Dupa Fly”, and “Dangerously in Love” and “Anti” on repeat. I pretty much wanted to make something that I personally would be a fan, and could enjoy.
I just wanted to bring a certain feeling that was timeless. As an indie artist people may not discover your music until years later. I wanted to make sure the music could stand the test of time and not just be another trendy thing. After hearing the project i want listers to feel a little bit of nostalgic but also current. I want them to wanna re-play it then go and play some old school R&B vibes afterwards. A lot of the songs talk about different relationship aspects which is always relatable to fans too. I just want people to catch a vibe, smoke one and catch a vibe lol. It’s a full story if you really listen to it, it’s a Love Story.”
However, Rob enjoys making timeless and authentic records that quickly grab your attention. He produces substantial and intriguing music, he continues to create a vibe that is unmatched
Check out the video for “Playing Games” here!
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