Hailing from the Southwest section of Detroit comes Robby Dizzle. The upcoming artist from Mexican decent prides himself on putting on for his heritage and city. Robby Dizzle utilizes his musical ability to express his lifestyle and experiences. He also uses music as a way to share more about himself and to be relatable to his peers and listeners. Dizzle is known for his authentic lyrics and intriguing flow.

“I enjoy using music to define what and how I’m feeling. It helps me to express myself and remain genuine. Music has an interesting way of bringing people together. I have different sources of inspiration from my upbringing to real life changing events. I try to be as relatable as possible because I want my supporters to really feel what I’m rhyming about. My family, friends and supporters motivate me to keep striving and pushing to accomplish all my goals. I enjoy making music and connecting with other new and established artist to make good music. “

The 20-year-old artist has opened up for people like NBA Youngboy, Yella Beezy, Dame Dot, and Snap Dogg. This is only the beginning of what he has in store. Recently, Robby Dizzle links up with fellow Detroit native Rocky Badd for new song “They Don’t Know”.

Check it out below!