The statement “Robot is like something from the future” is a pretty common one as it pertains to Austin rapper Robot Jones, amongst his family and close friends, who each credit him with paving his own lane as an iconic figure for the “new wave” music culture.

And while many may just be becoming familiar with Robot, he’s actually been an independent artist since the third grade when he created his first project on a tape recorder his teacher gave him that year. To this day, the young artist still writes, engineers, and records his own music.

In 2015 he released his first studio album, Table 50, featuring his hit single “Pull Up (T.T.L.B)”. The success of the project expanded his market well beyond the Austin City limits, performing at Cornell University at Sigma Nu’s end of the semester party, then a month later in LA for a Rare House warehouse party.

Since then, Robot has released his most influential music video for the single, “Westin” with super producer, Quez Queso. Reaching over 30K views on YouTube in a matter of days, the video has pushed him to the forefront of artists coming up in that area.


Lucky for me, I was able to briefly interview the rising artist…

Who/ What are some of your biggest influences right now?

Definitely 50 cent, Kanye, PAC, and Outkast. There’s also a lot of local Dallas scene rappers from 2000-2005 that motivated me early on. I was already a good writer but hip-hop gave me a real passion to become a better writer within that. It was more fun to make music than just write stories so I stuck with it. Having fun with it is still what motivates me to stay creative and keep going, I also have a son so that keeps things in perspective for me as well to take what I have fun doing and make it into my career.

What has been your most successful project so far?

Although I have released a few other projects with my producer quez queso early on in my career it only got me a lot of local love in my community of Dallas and then instantly when I moved to Austin which is where my campaign is fully based out of now. Since I got to Austin, Table 50 has been my most successful project released out of my discography. Its got my first hit single, Pull Up, as well as many other gems. This is also the first project I ever put on apple music and Spotify so I think that’s why it was able to reach so many more people outside of Texas. Table 50 was a concept my manager tossed me when we were tripping shrooms at the iconic Magnolia Cafe in Austin and we felt like we had the best seat in the house so that’s why all the skits on that project involve me going to eat with guys (the MFL team) and the experience we have with our server is quite interesting. This single-camera though is to begin the new B-O-T campaign because I have two new projects I’m ready to share with the world now. but I gotta get the world ready first…

Tell me about the beat?

I got this beat from another one of my favorite producers, AdreOnBeat, and when I heard it like I do with most of my best songs I ran with the first vibe I felt. It made me feel good so I knew I could make a song that would make others feel good too. I make hits every day I just don’t always release them but now they are about to start coming.

And be sure to check out his brand new single below.


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