On Wednesday, July 24, Roc Nation announced their joint venture and launch of Dreamchasers Records with Meek Mill who will serve as the president of the label; who will oversee the hiring of staff, marketing and operations. The deal was solidified in New York City at the Roc Nation headquarters.

“Coming out of prison, I felt I had a responsibility to lead the culture as much as I can,” Meek said. “Jay-Z and others that came before me were like the snow plow that made it easier for me and others. I want to be the snow plow of the next generation, taking on those responsibilities, trying to move forward and push the culture forward.”

Jay Z also added by expressing his belief and support in Meek by acknowledging his resume of consistency.

“Everything that he’s done leading up to this point, it showed that he can carry that weight for the next generation of people. Everybody can sign some artists, make some money and brag about how hot they are for … (but) for us, we look at the big picture. For us, it’s way beyond signing hot artists and having a hot record.”

Despite the list of artist that Meek has advertised under the Dreamchasers label in the past, many reports have stated that there are currently no artist under the brand. With this new deal surfacing and new opportunities ahead, this is sure to change soon.