RoeShamBeaux return with their latest single, “Home” featuring singer, Saika. With uplifting production by Mikey Sol, “Home” finds jaythehomie reflecting on a previous relationship.

“Mikey and I started working on “Home” around late December 2016. I remember after hearing the beat for the first time, that it was going to be something special. At the time I had just gotten out of a 3 year relationship with my girlfriend. Admittedly, I was never good at writing love songs and she’d always wanted me to write something dedicated to her, so when I got this instrumental I knew immediately that this would be the one for her,”- jaythehomie

Using the song to vent emotions, RoeShameBeaux show there’s nothing easy about parting ways with someone you’d thought would be in your life for the long haul.

“We have a lot of songs in the arsenal that we plan on putting out but sometimes those songs get lost to time because they were made by two individuals in different head spaces. This song though, we fell in love with it all over again once Saika put her finishing touches on it.” – Mikey Sol

Stream RoeShamBeaux’s heartfelt single below via Spotify, and stay tuned for more releases from RoeShamBeaux in 2019.