Russ released his debut album, There’s Really A Wolf, on May 5th.

There’s Really A Wolf-Russ

On Friday, May 5, 2017, Russ, currently signed with Columbia Records, released a 19 track project with titles including, “I’m Here” and “Act Now”.  Also, according to XXL, the multi-faceted Russ’ whole compilation was mixed, mastered, produced, engineered, and written by him. He is a self-declared DIY Artist. Further, the official audio for his single, “Cherry Hill”, was posted on April 27th.

Currently, the album is at the top of Hip Hop charts. iTunes places “There’s Really A Wolf” as the top selling album from the Artist so far. While, Bill Board’s Hip Hop & R&B charts places his debut album in fourth place. Furthermore, he is currently on The Wake Up Tour. The tour stops off in Atlanta, New Orleans, Miami, and more. Check out when the tour could be in your city on Live Nation.

Lastly, he may come off as an overnight sensation. However, he goes into detail about his ten year “overnight” take off here with Forbes. What’s your favorite Russ release?


Anora Blazin