Russ And Scott Storch Deliver Four New Bangers in Just Three Days

1. Wife You Up: produced by Scott Storch

Russ goes from looking at a rough relationship in “Maybe” to addressing someone special who he someday looks to start a family with. This is more on the Pop side but Russ really did his thing from the vocals to the verses. I don’t believe there is a coincidence in the way he released this track and “Maybe” back to back but its really cool to hear the contrast between the two similar situations that Russ brings us into. He mentions that all eyes are on him now but she had eyes for him when he only had a few plays. This song will most definitely go down as one of Russ’ more timeless tracks.

2. Maybe: produced by Scott Storch

In this upbeat trap style beat Russ is reminiscing on a relationship he had back in Atlanta. From the sound of it this relationship wasn’t the best for him. He brings us back to the feelings & thoughts he had at that time he also compares and contrast his own thoughts and feelings with her own. The crazy beat in the song adds to the strong story telling that Russ delivers. This is one is definitely up there with his top tracks and i think most people can relate to a relationship that went south or just a relationship they were second guessing.

3. Prosper: produced by Scott Storch

Russ uses inspiration from the famous bible verse “No weapon formed against me shall prosper” (Isaiah 57:18) for this new track and flips it into”no fake sh*t against me shall prosper”. Russ reminisces on all the things and people that tried to stop him while he was on the come up. Not only does he look back but he also enjoys the moments he is living in now. He also adds words of encouragement for anyone living their truth facing things or people trying to deter them.

“Just live your truth and do you. They hate honesty boo hoo. just count up all your blessings , big or small they’re all still blessings.”

he also continues to call out drug abuse in a bar saying:

“Yeah i drink and i smoke but that’s natural elixirs. You live like your future ain’t in the picture”

Russ has had a very big year and now more than ever its clear that nothing will stop him from being successful.

4. Think Twice: produced by Scott Storch

Earlier this month Russ made headlines for sporting a shirt on his tour which read: “How much xanz and lean do you have to do before you realize you are a fucking loser”. The song has received support from fans of Russ who have themselves suffered with drug addiction. In this new track Russ speaks his mind on the glorification of drugs in music culture today. He also speaks on his mind about a slight confrontation he had on Complex’s “Every Day Struggle” with Joe Budden. In this new track in reference to drug use he says he will never not use his voice because he has gained fame. Russ is a very stand up person and this track shining a light on drug use is only one of the reasons. 1 Million+ plays

Russ has had a very rapid come up and continues to show why he is special with the release of  these newest tracks. Enjoy !