Written by Queen Lexyonce

Sade Serena dropped her latest EP, Crave on August 16th, and the project is making waves. By the end of the month, the album made it to three Billboard Charts. It debuted at an impressive number nine spot on R&B and showing upward movement with the 25th spot on the Heatseekers Chart, and number thirty-one on Hip-Hop. The diverse compilation is laced with melodies and memorable lyrics fused playfully with pop tendencies and Caribbean beats. Sade Serena initially released the spin off โ€œCrave Meโ€ as a single leading up to the album debut. The dance track is a female anthem with a perfect blend of reggae, soca, and an uptempo club beat.

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The singer has an undeniable lyrical sassiness and a cleverly understated approach to branding. When an artist bares her soul like she does the resulting outpouring of originality unmatched. Sade considers her connections with people and the perception attached to that as the root of her music. She grew up on Caribbean and R&B music while living in Miami during her teens and even to present day, this island-style hybrid goes over well when labeled as contemporary.

Her first EP, Jerk Sauce, was released in 2016 as an innovative mix of songs including a dance pop-infused track called โ€œRenegade.โ€ The debut album also included โ€œDUM,โ€ her dub-style showcase that gained significant traction and turned into a big hit once she remixed it with reggae superstar Shaggy. She was back in the spotlight by summer 2018 with Jamaican artist Elephant Man on the single โ€œSwerveโ€ highlighting dancehall vibes combined with soulful vocals. Sade Serena is based out of Miami and frequently travels for live performances, collaborative projects, and recording sessions.

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