Written by Queen Lexyonce
    Stunt Man, Safaree is back on the scene with another Caribbean fusion single “Buss Ah Blank”. We can officially say Safaree won’t ever forget his roots and the title of this song proves it. Safaree uses his musical talents by bridging the two cultures, Dancehall and Hip Hop together. Produced by Jamaican artist and producer, Ricky Blaze,  “Buss Ah Blank” has a “bruk up” melody in the beat of the song. As we all know, Safaree is known for performing his signature dance. It was only right for him to create his own bruk up song with hip hop twist which all can dance and buss a blank. 
   Throughout the song, Safaree uses word play to reference famous lines used by Dancehall artists including Red Rat and Tony Matterhorn. Safaree even used Jamaican sayings in the song with ” … blouse and skirt ” which in American language is another way of saying ” Oh My Gosh.” 
” Aye you gal inna di tight up skirt, mi love how you a wine and mi love how you are work” 
 ” Gimme the dutty wine with your hand all in my pocket 
   With lighters flickering and ladies spinning on their head tops, this blazing single definitely shows what a Dancehall basement is all about. The neon colors and style of dancing shows how Safaree incorporates his culture to the big screen.The video features the hottest dancers in NYC including Bajan Dancer Royale G, Jamaican Dancer Cookiie and Guyanese Dancer Racquel

@thecookiiemonster_ photo by NyteVisionLLC

@royal.g photo by NyteVisionLLC

@_racquelcrystal_ photo by NyteVisionLLC

   All of these dancers are currently hosting Caribbean dance classes in NYC and have been featured in various videos and live performances for Dancehall artists including Konshens, Spice, Hood Celebrityy and so much more. Speaking of dancing, Safaree is seen bussing one of latest dances move in Dancehall which is ” Snappin created by Dancehall Artist and dancer Ding Dong Ravers.
Check out  the video ” Buss a Blank” 

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