Following the release of his latest track “No Diamonds”, Halal Gang member SAFE unveils a cinematic new visual for his 2017 single “New Regime”. “New Regime” is driven by a dark beat and SAFE’s pointillist use of Autotune, and the accompanying visual complements the song’s tone with ominous scenes of the SAFE’s hometown city. SAFE opens the video with the bold statement that he’s moving on from Toronto, expressing, “As much as I do want to be in the city, I feel like there’s nothing for me here. I feel like I’ve already established myself there.”

In the video, SAFE takes you through a rarely documented side of Toronto, portrayed through grainy black-and-white landscape shots. As the song’s momentum builds, so does the video’s, switching from a lonely cemetery to a chaotic, unsubtle reference to policing, and then to an almost-triumphant takeover of a baseball diamond.

Along with a few records released over the past year, “New Regime” will be a featured single on SAFE’s forthcoming project STAY, due out later this summer.