Straight out of San Diego, California is hip-hop’s “next up” artist, Bakes. Originating from the Bay Area. Bakes used his time in San Diego to springboard his rap career, while still managing to obtain his degree.

In such as small amount of time Bakes has had the SD streets buzzing, really solidifying his spot in the game, and establishing himself as a lyricist, song writer, and distinguished performer. As Bakes continues to gain the love respect and even clout necessary to be known as one of the hottest Hip-Hop artist coming out of San Diego, he makes it a point to give back as much as possible even if that means sharing his story through his lyrics

Since his rise Bakes has showcased his talents all over. Not only has he performed at the most elite nightclubs in San Diego, he’s also put on at music festivals like SXSW in Austin, TX, and A3C in Atlanta. and has opened for lyrical heavyweights like Method Man, Red Man, Mobb Deep, O.T Genesis, Desiigner, Kap G and many more.
Along with the fact that his music is played throughout clubs and venues in major cities all around the world.

Through his, music Bakes provides a conversational, yet storytelling experience. Specifically in his latest project “Campfire Convos.” “Campfire Convos.” gives listeners a personal look into the “Bakes” perspective of the world, allowing his supporters to get to know him on a far more personal level

Check it out the brief interview below

Q: Did you have a specific idea or theme you wanted the EP to showcase be or were you just trying to make good music?


A: On the night when I came up with the theme of the project, I was listening to the songs and they all had like a storytelling or personal kind of vibe, so I thought it would be cool to have it flow like telling my stories around a campfire, then it instantly popped in my head “Campfire Convos” and I had the idea for the cover too.



Q: In your song My Side of The Story off of your EP “Campfire Convos”, I feel as though this was one of your most vulnerable songs off the projects. You discussed your trials and tribulations getting to the current stage that you’re at now. What were some of the minor setbacks you faced during that time period? And what are some of the obstacles you’re dealing with now?


A: On that intro song I was telling my story from all the way since I was a kid so there’ve been countless trials and tribulations along the journey, but in general just growing and educating myself about the world and the business. There will always be setbacks, it’s just all about how you handle them. The path of an artist far from easy, it takes belief in yourself, dedication and persistence, and your stars have to align as well, so it’s just important to keep going. Obstacles currently I’d say are still handling everything myself without a manager, my bros YS (a duo also from San Diego) and I keep working and combining our resources to get our platform bigger.



Q: Your song “Come Together” that sampled the legendary Beatles hit song “Come Together”. You discussed the subject of police brutality. As a white rapper coming up in the game, do you feel as though it’s your job to continue to use your voice to make sure all audiences are educated on what’s happening as far the injustices within the black community in 2018?


A: I think anyone with a platform where they’re able to express how they feel should do so. At the end of the day it’s music so I try to find a good balance between saying my views and not sounding too preachy, but it’s definitely super important for everyone to know what’s going on. I put a lot of my observations about life in my lyrics, so I think naturally I will always have a message of what I think is right and wrong in the world.

I don’t consider myself overly political but I always believe in doing the right thing.

Q & A By Qualhata

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