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Happy Saturday y’all!

Woke up this AM feeling like throwing it back for you guys.  Who remembers this 2008 jam by Ryan Leslie featuring Cassie & Fabolous, “Addiction”?

The second single off his self titled debut album Ryan Leslie, released in 2009, has slight elements of Michael Jacksons’ “I Can’t Help It” (written by Stevie Wonder and Susaye Greene) – no better influence than those greats.  “Addiction” though, produced and performed by Leslie, was also written by the Harvard Grad himself after a night out in NYC, where he found himself having to rush to the studio in order to capture all the “frenetic energy and electricity” he had just experienced going from club to club.  The energy of the city, I know just what he might had been referring to…

Within the first few seconds of the track, the way the beat comes in and then drops with his “running mate Loso” – Fab, “in case you didn’t no-so” on it, “Ay its R. Les for prez baby,”- all fans of this hit just knew it was true.  Then Leslie comes in ever so smooth with, “You’ve got fashion & style…,” he likes to remind me of myself LOL.  And then a spring-chicken Cassie, who Leslie had just discovered and signed onto his record label NextSelection, on the hook singing so softly yet tactfully, “I’m addicted to you/You’re my addiction.”

Music, being the addiction.

Good music- no less.  It’s hard to believe that as dope as this song was and still is, it didn’t even reach Billboard Hot 100 status, only ranking No. 15 on the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles; but thanks to the ears of radio DJ’s who had the song on rotation via radio airwaves, it was able to reach No. 35 on the Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs charts.  Definitely bigger than what the charts made it out to be, but you already know, politics.

Not forgetting that it was Leslie who produced Cassie’s debut hit “Me & U”; even some of his other tracks, “How It Was Supposed To Be”, “Diamond Girl”, Red Cafe’s “Fly Together” featuring him and Rick Ross; this guy is responsible for an entire music era of super hot R&B.  Not only a music genius, one who taught himself how to play the piano and put chords together, Leslie also achieved a perfect score on his SAT’s (1600,) and graduated from Harvard at the tender age of 19. Wow.  Now this is a music cat we should all know.

Nearly 10 years later and “Addiction” still hits the same way.  Who goin’ contest me?

Check it out.