Written By Queen Lexyonce
Since it’s inception, Hip-Hop has always been inclusive of all backgrounds. This has led to the culture permeating throughout all corners of the world. A prime example of this cultural exchange comes in the form of Saudi Arabian music producer Saud. Traveling thousands of miles away from his home in order to pursue higher education in the United States, Saud not only earned a degree in Marketing but also completed a mixtape and two full-length albums.
With a promising career in music, he founded his own publishing company Brij Ent, which is centered on bridging music and culture. Throughout his musical progression, the Arabian producer has made it a priority to shed light on his region by incorporating Arabic sounds and emerging Arabic artists in his creations. Recently, he unveiled his album which is appropriately titled, Follow Me Home. The 14-track opus features contributions from Royce Da 5’9”, Talib Kweli24hrs and more.
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