Bay Area artist, Saweetie snags some inspiration from Game of Thrones for her new music video, “Pissed.” Instead of clapping back at the haters, she redirected her energy into new visuals. As Saweetie revealed her inner Khalessi, she explained what it symbolizes.

“I love Game of Thrones, and I feel like ‘Pissed’ captures that. Our teams are constantly fighting to be No. 1. I dressed up as Khaleesi to symbolize what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to take over,” she tells Billboard. She also explained what motivated the creative direction for this visual.

In the interview, Saweetie continued, “I was really irritated online reading comments. I was coming across blogs that were spreading false rumors, so it made me very upset, which is why I called the song “Pissed.” I was more so talking about the people who don’t even know me, talking all that bad stuff about me. Y’all should be happy for me. It’s funny, compared to my peers, my catalog isn’t even that big, but I’m still getting a lot of notoriety because my songs do really well. confidence. I’m working hard and minding my own business and trying to do something I’m super passionate about. Sometimes negativity fuels the fire. It’s like, “Okay, I’ma show y’all. Y’all talking a lot of shit, but I really got some shit in the bag!”

In the opening scene, we see Saweetie sitting on a throne showcasing her confidence as she addressed the haters. Throughout the video, we can feel and see her fearless attitude as she marks her new territory.

Recently, Saweetie was seen in the studio with Timbaland, so we would assume that these two are cooking up something special for the new year.

In her recent interview, she stated, “I feel like his sound is cohesive with mine. I like the 808 and bass in his production and he makes sure there’s a lot of that inside the beats he gives me.” While we wait for that, you can watch her new video here!