Didn’t Jay-Z Release A Song About This This Year?

Michael Bennett, Defensive End for the Seattle Seahawks, is accusing the Las Vegas Police Force of using excessive force against him outside of Drais Nightclub on August 26. He described the incident in a letter to the public that he posted on Twitter and says that he is exploring all legal actions.

Just a few hours ago, he did a press conference explaining his thoughts on the matter and he became overcome with emotion and had to walk off.

Michael Bennett is one of numerous players that have been kneeling or sitting for the national anthem throughout the preseason and has been a supporter of Colin Kaepernick. He has been one of the most outspoken NFL players about issues affecting the black community. Now, the community seems to be showing  love back.

At the end of the day, the protests that we see in the NFL are done for a reason. At some point, people have to stop talking about the methods of protest and talk about the reason why people are protesting. The Las Vegas Police Department describe a different story that Michael Bennett describes but, they are investigating the incident and they will address the incident later on in the evening. However, what happened to Michael Bennett is part of a trend in American society that has been happening since the inception of this nation in some form and ultimately hasn’t stopped which is why people are protesting. So, you be the judge of who’s right in his situation. Check out the video of the incident below.

Paul Robinson