“Do you love me like you say you do?”

Toronto rapper Sean Leon has released the visuals for his two latest tracks, “BY MYSELF 9:11 EST” and “GOD MC 9:05 PM EST”, in the form of a 7-minute short film titled, “TOOK A TRAIN TO FIND THE WORDS”. Here’s what Leon had to say about the making of the film:

“Since becoming a father I haven’t had much time to myself. I went to go visit my mom back in the east end, which is about a 30 minute car ride from Toronto or an hour via a solitary train ride on which I was blessed with the space needed to reflect. I was able to have a conversation with myself I hadn’t been able to have prior to that excursion because of responsibilities and my environment and things like that but yeah, I was able to gain some clarity on myself and have been reaping the benefits of that communication ever since. I wanted to document that. I wanted to show the viewer how many times I might talk to myself on any regular night within the span of 6 minutes.”

Both songs featured in the film are available on Leon’s 7-track playlist “LIFE GOES ON WITHOUT YOU”, released just a few weeks ago. Two of the other songs from the playlist, “GOLD” and “STEVE HARVEY/FAMILY FEUD”, were co-produced by renown Toronto producer Wondagurl, who has collaborated with Leon on several other tracks in the past.

Watching “TOOK A TRAIN TO FIND THE WORDS” makes it easy to see why Leon is one of Toronto’s most talented artists to make an emergence. 

Check out the film as well as his “LIFE GOES ON WITHOUT YOU” playlist below, and be sure to follow Leon on his Instagram and Twitter.

Therence Bien-Aime