26 year old New Orleans native Larry Morrow gained much of his success through his ability to orchestrate lavish, star-studded events hosted by A list celebrities such as  Diddy, Floyd Mayweather, Lil Wayne and  Drake. His celebrity events quickly turned him into one of the most popular promoters in the entertainment industry.

“Let me start off by saying Larry Morrow is a real stand up dude; He deals with everyone from small to tall with respect. Meeting a guy in promotions who is straight up is very rare, but there’s always a exception & Larry is that. He’s as real as they come & represents New Orleans right”. – Hip-Hop artist FABOLOUS

However, the mild-mannered businessman is far more than “an experienced event curator”, he is a  visionary, with a passion for supporting his family and doing what’s best for his community.

“Larry is the poster child of how you can be down to earth, a family man, and still handle business like a beast.” – “The Breakfast Club’s” ANGELA YEE

While His company LME has had incredible success in throwing parties. His company has decided to use its resources and business savvy to create ways to stem positive change in the community through philanthropic themed
events, as well as creating a mentoring program for aspiring entrepreneurs.

To keep momentum Going Just Last month, Morrow decided to take a break from the party life and head back to his hometown of New Orleans to open his own restaurant called  “Morrow’s” which has since been a huge hit.

Though Leading up to this Larry decided what better way to share his story, then with a book.

“All Bets on Me” quickly became an inspiring tale that touches on his personal journey to success, as well as an informal plan to betting on and bettering yourself

The Books Success landed him a major interview on POWER 105.1 ‘s “The Breakfast Club” where he was able to connect with Angela Yee, Charlemagne Tha God and DJ Envy, on a personal level discussing not only what success means to him, but how others can find it for themselves

Check out the interview below and before to Keep and eye out for anything LME