From the stomping grounds of Brooklyn, New York, these hip-hop heads are shaking up the block! Brooklyn natives Shank Dinero and Chase collaborate on another banging hit titled, ‘Porsche,” where the beat bangs while complementing their nonchalant flow. Shank Dinero spits over the hard hitting beat about his whirlwind lifestyle-a lifestyle most can only fantasize about. A lifestyle featuring fast cars, big money, and a lot of hoes. Chase is also a fellow rapper from Brooklyn who is known for his hit “100” featuring Shank Dinero back in 2016. The two previously collaborated on the buzzing 2016 single which is featured on Brinkstape by BrinksBoysEnt.

Chase’s rap style is a little different from Shank’s, consisting of lyrics detailing real life situations, and speaking on how his high fashion not only influences his personality but as well as his music.Their cadences are catchy and mend well together; making it easy to remember. The use of the piano on this track paired with synthetic sounds breaks up the electronic sound, reminiscent of 90s hip hop. The track is about being true to oneself and getting better and pursuing your desires.

Take a look at the dope visual below. After, take a listen to more music the two have teamed up on.

Written by: MinneeTellsItAll


You can also check out Chase’s “Right Now.” A guitar based beat breaking up the monotonous sound where he spits his lyrical flow creating a track you can bop to. All three songs sound like a meld of the hard hitting north east beats and southside triplets. Using the same down south triplets used in trap but bring their up north tempo and swag to the records.