Harlem, New York’s own,  Shelby Ellimac is ready to “Take Over” as she releases an anthem for all the beautiful plus size women worldwide.

The catchy track is a salute to “Curvaceous Women” all over the creation, as well as the fantastic qualities they possess.  The inspiration for the song is to uplift and empower women of all shapes and sizes to enjoy themselves and embrace being comfortable in their skin.  You are lovely in your unique way, do not let anyone tell you different!  If you ever thought Shelby was ashamed of her frame, you better guess again!


“The inspiration of the single was to promote women’s empowerment to send the message to women around the world that it is okay to be comfortable in their own skin. It is a single that everyone can vibe too. There is a verse in the song where I say skinny girls can sing along too. Also, I wanted to promote that self-love in a time where everyone is trying to look  perfect for social media.”

Prior to the release of this single Shelby Ellimac has made guest appearances on other artists singles such as Lex  Lavo “My Set,” Kenny Blacc “Flavor.” She has also done covers for Drake’s “Shot For Me”  and Wale’s “Bad.” During an interview back in 2015, on The Nene Show, Shelby shared that she was inspired to become a singer because it was in her blood. Her grandparents met at the Apollo. Her grandmother played the keyboard and was a singer, while her grandfather was a jazz drummer. As she was coming up, she decided to join every band she could to showcase her talents as an artist, because this was something she was passionate about.

Keep your eyes open for Harlem’s Sweetheart, R&B’s New Badass, Shelby Ellimac who will be releasing new music projects in 2018.

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